Friday, January 8, 2010

Another kind of green

Programming note: To establish this blog I am journaling my work throughout the weeks. As we go farther along, I may move to topical type entries. Thanks for reading.

A truck cab had become moldy on the dash and seat. Not a pleasant or healthy situation for the truck owner. It takes awhile but the mold is removed with some spray that kills mold and viruses and a brush and steam clean. Because of the steam clean, the area will need to have air moving within the truck cab so the mold doesn't reappear.

Wash detail for a black Mercedes S550. Black paint is a very sharp color when clean, but it needs cleaning often! This car is cleaned regularly with exterior wash and vacuum at place of work. As needed the windows, dash/console, and carpets are cleaned.

After vacation and travel over snowy mountain passes a minivan can get pretty muddy and messy. Washing off the dirt is a good practice for the longterm health of your paint, paint can deteriorate when left dirty. Sometimes you need the family car cleaned BEFORE you head out, but most times when you return. It makes your trip more enjoyable.

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