Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dog hair part deux

    Top photos: This dirty Escalade was completely detailed 2 weeks ago, now it just needs a wash to look like new again.

    Bottom photos: Its hard to see the white dog hair in first pic, but the next photo shows finished job.

  1. I take special requests for detailing; yesterdays interior detail was dog hair removal and vacuum with some washing of the doors, dash, etc and the windows cleaned. But NO steam cleaning of the cloth seats and carpet. So today, different customer but same request: dog hair, vacuum, windows, wash doors and console, but no shampoo. Its fine with me, I can take some off the price with less service. Not to say they didn't NEED deep cleaning, just it was customer preference.

  2. I also was able to clean up a headliner for an insurance job at an auto body shop. A FJ Cruiser had rolled and some liquid had splattered over the ceiling of the car. Avoiding the expense of complete replacement of something that wasn't damaged, except for the stains, I saved the company money and kept materials out of the landfill. It looked great after, must have been a Pepsi or something because it came right out with some pre-wash treatment a good steam cleaning.

  3. A long gravel road with areas of mud this time of year can leave its mark on a car. I was able to quickly clean up a couple cars to look like when they were detailed a couple weeks ago, like new!

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