Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean and go

Taking a long road trip? Maybe its time for a detail before you go. The windows will get clean for the best visability, they won't fog up as quickly with the dirt film washed off. The carpets cleaned and fresh, cup holders wiped out of the sticky goo, ready for hot or cold drinks. Detailing is also for the comfort and ease of cleaning up after the trip, you don't have to clean the months of clutter from BEFORE the trip after the trip, its already been done, only a fraction of the work remains.

Wash and wax detail today for a silver Lexus GX470. Beautiful condition, waxed and washed often. My customer was taking a trip to California and wanted it cleaned up and waxed. There are lots of car wash outfits in SoCal and the in-between cleanings would be handled there. The wax protects the finish from the bad car washes that are too rough. I'll get a call in a few months to do the whole car again. Its the cycle of detailing and it's great!

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